Thursday, 15 September 2011

The Importance Of Garlic in Diet

Allium Sativum or Garlic is one of the top most vegetables known for its exceptional medicinal ability in curing body ailments. Although this Alliacae plant member is recognized as one of those ingredients used in cooking good food; its further benefits to the body makes it even more desirable and looked-for.
Garlic and Weight Loss
Garlic is considered one of those vegetables that help an individual to lose weight. This substance plays as good antioxidants to the body responsible for eliminating those undesirable pounds. However, you also need to be cautious of its intake as moderation is highly suggested. To make it seem that you do not forcefully eat garlic just so you can lose weight, having it part of the menu mixed with other vegetables can make a good cuisine.
Garlic and Cholesterol
The cellar activity of garlic makes it a good substance in keeping the cholesterol levels of a person in its average condition. It helps in stimulating the normal circulation of blood and precludes the existence of blood clot and accumulation. You can cut the garlic into small pieces and chew or you can have it cooked. Keep in mind that it does not require greater quantities to lower blood cholesterol, average intake is sufficient.
Garlic and Digestive Ailments
Garlic is a good replacement for drug medications as it helps in maintaining proper digestion and a healthy intestine. A regular consumption of garlic can help an individual attain the normal functioning of the digestive tract as well as in making the gastric canal free from any sorts of swelling and soreness.
Garlic and Heart Problems
Part of a diet and staying in shape is comprised of maintaining a healthy heart. In the recent years, garlic has been known to prevent buildup of cholesterol thus, precluding the emergence of strokes and heart attacks. Three cloves of garlic is the recommended amount to be taken by a person who has heart problems.
Garlic and Asthma
Studies shows that three cloves of garlic can help reduce attacks of asthma from patients suffering from severe respiratory diseases. The cloves of garlic should be boiled with a squirt of honey, then provide at least 2 spoonfuls of this liquid solution to the patient.
These are just few of the many benefits garlic can do to ones health. What makes garlic known to contain therapeutic and medicinal properties is the verity that this vegetable is a good source of many vitamins and minerals such as Thiamin, Vitamin B Complex, Iron, and Sulfur making it a good form of antibiotics. In point of fact, there are capsules available in the market all made of garlic including natural ingredients like alliin and allicin that is non-irradiated and a good source of dietary supplement.
As you begin to move on to a much healthier state of your life, you can include exceptional health benefits of garlic to your overall diet. Finally, use garlic as a form of detoxification and cleansing in removing harmful toxins in the body and in generating a fit and a hale and hearty you.

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