Sunday, 17 July 2011


Photography has also gone digital and there is a new branch of visual arts called “digital arts”. Digital arts make use of digital media such as vector graphics or graphics tablet and computer-generated images to create an art. Sometimes some of the details of the digital arts come from the real world. These contemporary arts are often used in the modern print and TV ads. These kinds of arts are produced through digital editing software such as Adobe Photoshop for still images, Maya for three-dimensional animation, Adobe Premiere for videos. All of these can capture the imagination of people from anywhere in the world. Just look for digital masterpieces such as three-dimensional animation characters such as “Finding Nemo”, “Ice Age” and “A Bug’s Life”. The colours, images and movements are so artistically woven and so are the characters projecting a real-life character out of fiction. These 3D animated films have fascinated the audience with the work of computer-generated images and movement. This fascination has contributed to the box-office success of these films. These computer-generated graphics has also reached some non-animated films and is used heavily on special effects, such as the “The Mummy” and other films of the same kind. To wrap it up, almost all films are enhanced by these contemporary medium of art.
Aside from these, the printed medium is not spared with this contemporary art. Commercial products have often employed its use because it is more presentable and relatively cheaper than hiring a bunch of celebrity endorsers. All the producer will do is to hire somebody who can work well with digital editing software.

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