Thursday, 31 March 2011


Scars are marks on the skin that is caused by healed wounds such as burn, cut, or even surgery. Honestly, these scars are the most hated by people among all marks. This is maybe because of how it reminds us what caused it and it really appears annoying and quite scary.
There are different types of scars. They are as follows:
§ Acne scars – this is caused by severe acne which is also the cause of having shallow holes on the skin
§ Keloid scars – this is maybe the ugliest form of scar because it bulges up from the healed wound, and may look even uglier if the healed wound is just around the joint.
§ Chicken pox scars – these are caused by the infection of the skin for having chicken pox. Some scars may appear darker or lighter than the skin tone and some even last a lifetime.
§ Hypertrophic scars – these look like the keloid scars but don’t bulge up from the healed wound

Upon knowing the different types of scars, the real question is how an individual will make it appear lighter or unnoticeable to others in a non-surgical way – because knowing the fact that surgeries can cause scars.
Here are some examples to have a non-surgical removal of those annoying scars on your skin.
§ Laser treatment – this is one of the common ways to make scars unnoticeable. This method will flatten the bulged scars to make it even on your skin and it can also change its color to blend on your true skin tone. This treatment can be quite expensive but the people who went through this treatment recommend it because of the fast and flawless results.
§ Use of Ointments, Creams, and Lotions – these are the certainly the most used method by individuals. These products are often applied to the wounded skin to reduce the formation of scars while healing it. However, these products vary on their effects, so it is recommended to consult dermatologists first before using it.
§ Chemical peels – this is considered as the oldest method for skin maintenance because ancient Egyptians actually done it. Moving on, chemical peel or also known as facial peel is a treatment that removes dead skin cells of the outer layer of skin. It also a recommended treatment for irregular skin pigmentation, blemishes, and wrinkles.
§ Micropore tape – this is done by placing this paper-like tape over the wound for about six straight weeks to prevent the scar from forming. It also helps in preventing the wound from stretching.

We have to bear in mind that these non-surgical methods are one hundred percent safe to our skin. Whoever will try one of these treatments should be prepared for any side effects to occur. Allergies and skin irritations are the most common effects of these treatments particularly those products that contain chemicals that are not compatible with the user’s skin. So it is better to consult a dermatologist first before doing any of these.

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