Friday, 11 November 2011

The Wonder of Ginkgo biloba (Memory Tree)

Ginkgo biloba is a latin term, which has different common names such as fossil tree, gingko, Japanese silver apricot, baiguo, kew tree, bai guo ye, yinhsing and maidenhair tree. It is also known as memory tree. Ancient Chinese used gingko seeds for their traditional medicine thousands of years ago. They also cooked gingko seeds that were eaten occasionally. Nowadays, the extract from gingko biloba leaves has been proven effective in treating different conditions and disorders such as bronchitis, asthma, tinnitus and fatigue.
Now, extract from the leaves of gingko biloba is used to enhance memory and it helps in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease and certain types of dementia. It can lessen leg pain due to the narrowing of the arteries. Gingko is also included in many supplements for sexual dysfunction and multiple sclerosis.
Gingko biloba leaves are extracted and made as capsules, teas and tablets. Some skin products also use gingko extracts.
Many researches prove that gingko has several health benefits and is efficient for dementia, tinnitus and Alzheimer’s disease but advance studies are still necessary. Certain smaller studies show hopeful results that gingko biloba is helpful as memory enhancement but a test made by National Institute on Aging in two hundred adults over sixty years old who use gingko for six weeks did not experience memory improvement.
Though gingko biloba has many health benefits, it also has some side effects including nausea, headache, diarrhea, skin allergies, dizziness and gastrointestinal problems. Other studies suggest that gingko may cause higher risk in bleeding. For this reason, people who have bleeding disorders and those who are taking anticoagulant medications should avoid using gingko. In addition, if you are going to undergo dental procedures or surgery, it is necessary to consult your doctor before taking gingko so that you can avoid certain health problems.
Ginkgotoxin chemical is present in raw gingko seeds that are known to cause seizures. Over dosage of gingko seeds may even cause death. The leaves and leaf extracts has small amount of gingkotoxin. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a doctor regarding different herbal medicine and dietary supplements including gingko.
You need to be aware about drug interactions during your intake of ginkgo to prevent certain side effects. If a person is taking medications for blood thinning, it is recommended not to use gingko because it may increase the result of the blood thinner drug.
The use of antidepressants together with ginkgo may cause to higher risk of seizures. Remember not to take immunosuppressant medications such as cyclosporine with gingko because it may lessen the effect of the medication. Gingko may also interact with certain drugs for diabetes including insulin. It must not be taken together with drugs in preventing seizures.
If you are suffering from bleeding disorders, the use of ginkgo biloba leaf extracts must be avoided. In addition, you must discontinue using gingko if you have seizures because it may increase the danger of more seizures. Make sure that you ask a physician’s supervision before taking gingko especially if you have problems with the levels in your blood sugar.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Omega-3 Fish Oils

Are you suffering from pain of joints or your brain needs to be kept in good health? Have you become fed up of taking numerous medicines without any serious effect? Then, you do not need to worry as you can get all the remarkable health benefits from the vigorous natural Omega-3 fish oil. You can find Omega-3 fish oil comprises DHA polyunsaturated fatty acids, EPA polyunsaturated fatty acids and ALA polyunsaturated fatty acids. These three nutrient elements are found in all Omega-3 products, which are essential for a maintained and healthy life.
Omega 3 fish oil is perfect for your heart, your joints, as well as your brain. It boosts your physical strength as well as protects your bones. Omaga-3 oil is gained from fishes found in cooled and subterranean water. In fact, the oil is found in enough quantity in the tissues of the greasy fishes. The Omega-3 oils are quite beneficial for aged people and children to strengthen them.
PUFAs that means ‘Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids’ is the other name given to for the Omega -3 fish oil. The oil is moderately effective for the development of the brain and its roles. If your grandparents or you are suffering from any disease including arthritis, asthma, depression and even bipolar disorder, you can gain significant advantages by taking regular dozes of Omega-3 fish oils. That is the reason why doctors too recommend its frequent usage.
There are uncounted health benefits of Omega-3 fish oils which have been proved by many research and studies. Even the American Heart Association guidelines have projected the outstanding benefits of the Omega-3 fish oil. It is helpful in handling arthritis, since its great benefits consist of relieving of the signs of rheumatoid, avoidance of Reynaud’s disease, as well as evading some signs of lupus. Overall, Omega-3 fish oils prove a ‘great remedy’ for various diseases. To add to this, you can get rid of any kind of disease without any harmful side-effects.
In fact, Omega-3 fish oils are known as the natural ingredient of the human diet for several years. Women can feel more significant benefits through the natural Omega-3 fish oils. It even helps in lowering the jeopardy of cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis in post-menopausal women.
Consumption of higher quantity Omega-3 fish oils can improve your-life span along with a vigorous health. Additionally, you must know the distinctions between the robust unsaturated chubby including fish oil and unhealthful saturated stout. The unhealthy saturated stout is frequently found in meats and other things. Apart from it, the Omega-3 fish oil is fully beneficial, since they don’t support low mark additives. Therefore, Omega-3 oils are a better nutrition support, which is necessary for proper development and re-establishment.
Apart from these crucial benefits, Omega-3 fish oils also help your body to regulate its resilience and protect your body from illness. It is also a natural cure for any skin disease including eczema etc. The fish oils helps preventing heart disease, cancer and other disease in a natural way and you can take them without any hassle of spin-off. By and large, the Omega-3 fish oil can be considered beneficial for health.
Omega-3 fish oil can maintain your health in a natural process without any fear of harmful side-effect. Consumption of higher quantity Omega-3 fish oils can improve your-life span along with a vigorous health.

Monday, 26 September 2011

The Healing Properties of Ginger

The plant Ginger is a stem that grows under the ground. These plants Zingiber officinalis is native to Asia and are being use as remedy by Indians, Arabs and Asians. Ginger has been part of their traditions dating back to ancient times. This has been used to remedy nausea, stomach trouble, and diarrhoea. It also has been use to treat heart ailments, colic and arthritis during the ancient era.
Not only does ginger have medicinal values, it also adds spice to cooking worldwide. Most ginger thrives in tropical land with humid and fertile soil.
Ginger is an entangled, bulky, cream coloured rhizome or underground stem. The stem expands approximately twelve inches on top of the ground with lengthy, slender, have green leaves, ridged, and yellow green or white flowers.
It is made up of active components such as oils and strong phenol compounds like shogaols and gingerols.
Presently, ginger root is extensively used as a herbal remedies to relieve light stomach trouble and is frequently suggested by medical health professionals to provide treatment to nausea and vomiting that has something to do with pregnancy, motion sickness, chemotherapy and cancer.
Aside from giving relief to minor complaints, extract from ginger is also use to diminish inflammation. As a matter of fact, it is often advice by medical professionals to use ginger to help heal inflammation, like ulcerative colitis and arthritis.
There is also a research with osteoarthritis of the knee, that shows those who were given an extract of ginger two times a day face less pain and only need a small amount of pain-killing tablets in contrast to those who have were given a placebo.
Other benefits from Ginger
· Even though it not yet the right time to declare if this have positive effect to those who have heart disease, an initial review imply that ginger can reduce cholesterol and avoid blood clotting. These effects may possibly defend the blood vessels from any obstructions thus avoiding atherosclerosis altogether, which can eventually lead to a stroke or fatal heart attack.
· Also, there were also laboratory testing that has discovered that some ginger components may perhaps contain an anticancer substances. Although, there are still researches needed to be certain of the effects of ginger on a number of human cancers.
· Ginger's therapeutic characteristics help in firing up circulation of the blood, eliminate harmful toxins from the body, and give nourishment to the skin as well as provide cleansing to the kidneys and bowels.
· Other ailments which treatments may be attributed to Ginger Root are: bronchitis, asthma and other respiratory difficulties by loosening and then finally drive out the phlegm from the lungs. Ginger can also be used to relieve fevers through warming up the body and getting it to sweat profusely.
Children who are two years of age can make use of ginger to remedy headache, digestive cramping and nausea.
Generally, ginger ingestion is not suppose to go over four grams per day. Ginger from diet like ginger bread, ginger snaps and ale are counted on the required amount per day.
To give relief to headache, menstrual cramps, sore throat and other flu and cold symptoms you just need to immerse two tablespoon of shredded fresh ginger in hot water, drink this two to three times daily. For inhalation, a few wedge of rhizome or a droplet of ginger oil can be placed in steaming water.
For arthritis pain, just drink ginger juice made from its extract or tea, two to four grams a day for instant relief. Topical ginger oil may well be applied into the tender joints.
Side effects from ginger are uncommon, on the contrary if excessive doses are taken, it can result to mild heartburn. Also, if you have bleeding problems or if you are using medication for blood thinning like aspirin, do not take ginger. It will be safer to consult doctor first before trying out ginger remedy.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

The Importance Of Garlic in Diet

Allium Sativum or Garlic is one of the top most vegetables known for its exceptional medicinal ability in curing body ailments. Although this Alliacae plant member is recognized as one of those ingredients used in cooking good food; its further benefits to the body makes it even more desirable and looked-for.
Garlic and Weight Loss
Garlic is considered one of those vegetables that help an individual to lose weight. This substance plays as good antioxidants to the body responsible for eliminating those undesirable pounds. However, you also need to be cautious of its intake as moderation is highly suggested. To make it seem that you do not forcefully eat garlic just so you can lose weight, having it part of the menu mixed with other vegetables can make a good cuisine.
Garlic and Cholesterol
The cellar activity of garlic makes it a good substance in keeping the cholesterol levels of a person in its average condition. It helps in stimulating the normal circulation of blood and precludes the existence of blood clot and accumulation. You can cut the garlic into small pieces and chew or you can have it cooked. Keep in mind that it does not require greater quantities to lower blood cholesterol, average intake is sufficient.
Garlic and Digestive Ailments
Garlic is a good replacement for drug medications as it helps in maintaining proper digestion and a healthy intestine. A regular consumption of garlic can help an individual attain the normal functioning of the digestive tract as well as in making the gastric canal free from any sorts of swelling and soreness.
Garlic and Heart Problems
Part of a diet and staying in shape is comprised of maintaining a healthy heart. In the recent years, garlic has been known to prevent buildup of cholesterol thus, precluding the emergence of strokes and heart attacks. Three cloves of garlic is the recommended amount to be taken by a person who has heart problems.
Garlic and Asthma
Studies shows that three cloves of garlic can help reduce attacks of asthma from patients suffering from severe respiratory diseases. The cloves of garlic should be boiled with a squirt of honey, then provide at least 2 spoonfuls of this liquid solution to the patient.
These are just few of the many benefits garlic can do to ones health. What makes garlic known to contain therapeutic and medicinal properties is the verity that this vegetable is a good source of many vitamins and minerals such as Thiamin, Vitamin B Complex, Iron, and Sulfur making it a good form of antibiotics. In point of fact, there are capsules available in the market all made of garlic including natural ingredients like alliin and allicin that is non-irradiated and a good source of dietary supplement.
As you begin to move on to a much healthier state of your life, you can include exceptional health benefits of garlic to your overall diet. Finally, use garlic as a form of detoxification and cleansing in removing harmful toxins in the body and in generating a fit and a hale and hearty you.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

The Benefits and Side Effects of Feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium)

Feverfew is native to the south-West of Europe, which was brought to America as an ornamental plant. Feverfew is related to the sunflower family and was cultured in Japan, Europe and Africa for commercial purposes. It can reach up to sixty centimetres in height and has a bitter and strong odor. Another variety of the plant is widely used in gardens due to its bright white and yellow flowers that produce powerful smell.

Feverfew has been used for many centuries as a remedy for different illnesses and disorders such as headaches, fever, nausea and depression. Herbalists from Europe and Greece used feverfew to ebb fever. It is also popular for treating arthritis, migraine headaches and digestive problems. Tanetin and parthenolide are chemicals that are present in Feverfew, which are effective in treating migraine. However, the herb is not proven to be efficient for acute migraine attacks.

Feverfew has a long history of medical benefits including treatment for headache, inflammation and it serves as an effective alternative in treating toothache, rheumatism, psoriasis, stomachache and asthma.

The herb is used in stimulating the appetite and improving the function of the digestive system and kidney. When mixed with sugar or honey, it is effective for cough, breathing difficulty and cough. A fried, heated and bruised feverfew, mixed with a little oil and wine is best for colic and wind when used as warm external application.

Scientific researches prove that Feverfew is effective in decreasing the severity and frequency of headaches and may also be more efficient than aspirin. In addition, it can reduce stomach irritation and decrease blood pressure.

Tincture of Feverfew is best used locally as it instantly relieves swelling and the pain caused by insect bites. It is also used in treating menstrual irregularities.

However, there are certain side effects connected to Feverfew. Women who are pregnant and breast-feeding must avoid taking Feverfew because it may increase the risk of abortion and certain birth defects. As it treats menstrual irregularities, it may greatly affect pregnant women.

Long-term users of Feverfew who suddenly stopped may experience insomnia, migraine disorders, myalgias, arthralgias and anxiety as well as gastrointestinal disorders and mouth ulceration.

Other side effects of Feverfew include vomiting, abdominal pain, flatulence, indigestion, nervousness, diarrhea, and nausea, loss of taste and swelling of the mouth, lips and tongue.

People who are taking warfarin and aspirin must ask advice from a doctor before using Feverfew. In addition, researches show that Feverfew may aggravate depression or lessen the efficiency of fluxetine and other antidepressant medications.

Infants and children must not take Feverfew because of its bitter taste, which may lead to nausea. Avoid chewing the leaves of Feverfew to avoid mouth ulcers. If you need to eat the leaves, it is recommended to put it in bread to mask the bitter taste. People who have allergic reactions to Feverfew or to other plants related to daisies must avoid using the herb.

Feverfew has many benefits when used as directed. When taking feverfew or other medicinal herbs, it is important to know the benefits as well as the side effects to avoid harmful reactions. Make sure that you seek advice from your doctor before taking any herbal supplements.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Pros and Cons of Echinacea (Purple Coneflower)

Coneflower or Echinacea is a wild flower that naturally develops in humid low lands and meadows along the mid-west area. These flowers are commonly used as garden plants for its attractive purple color. Besides being a favorite garden plant, Echinacea is also known to have potential benefits for health problems.

Echinacea has three varieties including Echinacea pallida, Echinacea angustifolia and Echinacea purpurea. All of them are helpful in boosting the immune system as well as in fighting infections. However, the pallida and the purpurea varieties are proven more effective.

Echinacea is believed to stimulate the immune system of the body through improving the function of the white blood cells. This way, infections and other harmful elements cannot easily attack the body. Echinacea is known to be one of the most accepted herbal medicines for infections in the respiratory system. The benefits of Echinacea to the immune system are being examined comprehensively for patients who have AIDS and cancer. Some studies say that the stimulation of the immune system using Echinacea can actually cause faster progression of AIDS and cancer while some researches suggest otherwise. There are clinical studies that indicate the antifungal and antiviral effects of Echinacea that may add to its infection fighting ability. Further studies are still needed to know the benefits and side effects in using Echinacea in treating illnesses and infections.

Some countries in Europe use Echinacea as additional treatment for different types of cancers. Doctors in Europe use Echinacea injections in relieving infections in the urinary tract. These treatments are also widely available in the United States.

Echinacea has been used topically in treating people with psoriasis and eczema. The herb is included in many topical remedies for hemorrhoids as well as in some topical treatment products for insect bites. It is also used in protecting the skin from harmful effects of the sun.

Most parts of the coneflower can be utilized as herbal medicine including the stems, roots, flowers and the leaves. Manufacturers use these parts in making various natural products. Medical preparations with Echinacea are best for treating viral infections, bacterial infections and disorders in the immune system.

Wound infections can also be treated with Echinacea. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that help in improving the healing process in the skin. Many natural herbalists has tested Echinacea in treating abscesses, skin sores, canker sores and other inflammations. You can put Echinacea directly on your affected spot or take it orally. It is also believed that Echinacea can treat chronic fatigue or CFS.

However, some experts advise that you need to be cautious in taking Echinacea despite the fact that it has many health benefits. Due to its effect to the immune system of the body, it is suggested not to take the herb if you are suffering from leukemia, multiple sclerosis, AIDS, autoimmune disorders including lupus and rheumatoid arthritis and tuberculosis.

If you use Echinacea for more than eight weeks, it may cause hepatotoxicity so you must not take the herb together with other hepatoxic drugs including amiodarone, methotrexate, ketoconazole and anabolic steroids. Pregnant and lactating women are discouraged in taking Echinacea as well as children under the age of two years. For adults, it is necessary to begin with small doses of the medication.

Sunday, 17 July 2011


Photography has also gone digital and there is a new branch of visual arts called “digital arts”. Digital arts make use of digital media such as vector graphics or graphics tablet and computer-generated images to create an art. Sometimes some of the details of the digital arts come from the real world. These contemporary arts are often used in the modern print and TV ads. These kinds of arts are produced through digital editing software such as Adobe Photoshop for still images, Maya for three-dimensional animation, Adobe Premiere for videos. All of these can capture the imagination of people from anywhere in the world. Just look for digital masterpieces such as three-dimensional animation characters such as “Finding Nemo”, “Ice Age” and “A Bug’s Life”. The colours, images and movements are so artistically woven and so are the characters projecting a real-life character out of fiction. These 3D animated films have fascinated the audience with the work of computer-generated images and movement. This fascination has contributed to the box-office success of these films. These computer-generated graphics has also reached some non-animated films and is used heavily on special effects, such as the “The Mummy” and other films of the same kind. To wrap it up, almost all films are enhanced by these contemporary medium of art.
Aside from these, the printed medium is not spared with this contemporary art. Commercial products have often employed its use because it is more presentable and relatively cheaper than hiring a bunch of celebrity endorsers. All the producer will do is to hire somebody who can work well with digital editing software.

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Digital Photography Cameras

There are many digital photography cameras around and each of them may satisfy the three main categories of photographers: the hobbyist, which makes photograph-taking as their activity during leisure time, the amateurs, who are learning to take great photographic shots through experience and the professionals – who make photographs as their living and are very well-versed with the digital camera techniques. If you can classify yourself among these categories of photographers, you can now identify the best digital photography camera that works for you. Among the thousand types of digital photography cameras out there, here are some things that you should consider before making a major purchase:
1. The various camera categories are as follows:
a. Ultra-compact digital photography cameras, which is the smallest digital cameras around.
b. Compact digital photography cameras, which are the predecessors of ultra-compact digital cameras and are relatively cheaper
c. Digital SLR (single-lens reflex) cameras for photograph aficionados. These cameras have an interchangeable lens for great shots. These cameras can be cumbersome to carry because they are often bulky and have many accessories.
You can decide which of these cameras you may want to buy.
2. The camera resolutions can be as low as 3 mega pixels and can be as high as 15 megapixels. Remember that the lower the megapixels, the less quality pictures you can get. The recommended resolution is between three to five megapixels. These can be great for print and desktop wallpapers. If you want to print these pictures on larger paper, you should choose a resolution higher than 7 megapixels.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Digital Photography Camera

Have you heard the fuss about digital photography camera nowadays? It is much better than a film camera in terms of cost and speed of producing photographs. When a picture is taken from a digital photography camera, the image is stored to a chip inside it and then transferred to a personal computer for editing using image editing software. Film cameras have an unlimited number of resolutions unlike digital cameras, which are limited to the resolution indicated on its label. If you are going to purchase for a digital photography camera, have these few handy tips on your way to the store:

1. Be well-versed with the language associated with digital photography camera such as pixels-per-inch, micro SD chip, USB cable, aperture, and many others.
2. It will do well to test the camera before buying it. Some people may get too carried away with the specification indicated on the label of the digital photography camera that they sometimes forget to test it, feel it and know the hang of it when you are using the said camera.
3. Before spending your hard-earned money with these precious things, you need to browse the internet over some camera products and reviews of other users. These reviews will prove to be useful in deciding what camera will always work for you.
4. Be sure that there is a valid and genuine warranty card for your camera. When you bring it home, follow the instructions carefully.
5. Grab some self-help books about digital photography. There are a lot of good books that will teach you how to make some wonderful shots using your digital camera.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Digital Photography for Beginners

The most exciting in the world of photography nowadays is the existence of digital imaging or digital photography wherein the production of photographs does not require any other mechanical device or chemicals. All you need is a digital camera were you can store and manipulate photos through Micro SD chips and save it on your personal computers. Digital photography is so popular because of its convenience and ease of use. Digital photography has now become a new kind of art. Some of the basic concepts you need to put in mind when you plan to engage in digital photography:
Ambient light which refers to the natural light around the object. If you opt for the natural light, the best time of the day to take those shots is before and after an hour on sunrise and sunset.
The aperture of your lens. The amount of light passing through your camera lens can be controlled by adjusting the "f" stops. Take note that the larger the f stop, the lesser light passes through your lens. You need this setting if the natural surrounding of the object is bright.
Contrast is the differentiation of the brightest part of the picture to its darkest part.
Resolution refers to the degree of clarity of an image which is measured by dots per inch on hard copy and pixels per inch on display screen. The higher the dots or pixel per inch, the better and clearer image you can get.
These are just a few basic terms in digital photography. With a digital camera on hand, you can start taking shots and store them digitally and later on, through the help professional image editing software, you may find yourself engaging in this wonderful new form of art.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Digital Cameras

There are many digital cameras around that are so tempting to buy because of the specifications indicated on their labels. You will discover that some are cheap while some are so precious and costly. Just what are the features and qualities you must watch out for with digital cameras? Here are some of them as well as the reasons why you should consider these features:

1. The size of the digital cameras. You will see that some are so small and light while others are so bulky or heavy. Sometimes, people believe that the smaller the size of digital cameras, the better it is. They believe this is so because size and portability matters when taking pictures anytime and anywhere. But sometimes this is not the case because when the size of the fingers of the user is bigger and does not fit in to the digital camera’s buttons, the seems to be a captivating moment becomes a nightmare when you can’t push the right button when the most awaited moment unfolds on your eyes. Digital cameras that are heavy or large are reserved for serious and professional photography. The lenses can be interchanged for various settings desired by the photographer. These are often packed with higher resolutions and the image can be printed on large paper formats without sacrificing the quality of the image.

2. The memory of the camera. The rule of the thumb here is that the more, the merrier. Choose a digital camera that is packed with higher memory to ensure that you will not run out of memory card space.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Fit, Fitter, Fittest Through Pilates

Pilates is a whole tradition in itself. As early as the 20s, body builder Joseph Pilates developed a fitness program that brought elements of yoga in line with martial arts and Western gymnastics. He especially constructed unique equipments made of wood, leather and steel springs for this system. Joseph Pilates called this method Contrology, believing that it uses the mind to control the different muscle groups in the body. From then on, people such as actors and dancers would come to his studio; people who had joint pains and problems with their spinal disk because of their jobs. This is how Pilates was born.
Even up to today, the Pilates system is still ideal to bring your body in top shape and to find your inner center, and now you can even do it without using any equipment. Since it was mainly thought out to strengthen your musculature, several muscle groups are stretched and vitalized at the same time during exercise instead of working on each muscle group one by one. Apart from that, this physical fitness system also enhances one's awareness of breath, aiming to strengthen the deep torso muscles. Of course it can be exhausting at first, but you'll definitely feel more energetic afterwards. If you practice this two to three times a week (at half an hour each day), you'll not only get a nicer figure, but also a perfect posture as a bonus.
The six principles of the discipline are: breath, flow, centering, concentration, control, and precision. Using a full breath in exercises is an integral part of the training. Flow refers to grace, fluidity, and ease that is applied to all exercises. Centering means that the exercises are sourced from the center of the body, while concentration focuses on bringing full attention and commitment to the exercise. Control, on the other hand, means that no body part is left untrained, every exercise is done with complete muscular control. Finally, precision refers to the alignment of different body parts which is part of the goal of the training.
In this sort of training, you will need to practice stretching and pay great attention to your breathing. Learning proper breathing techniques and constantly applying them will help you get rid of the waste in your body. This part of the training is vital, since one of its aims is to relieve the body from fatigue that goes with stress at work and in everyday life.
If you're already into yoga, then some of the exercises you will encounter might already be familiar to since the two disciplines closely resemble each other. Some things they have in common are the development of conscious breathing and expansive stretching. Even in their benefits, Pilates and yoga have very much in common: they both help you to develop a strong and graceful body, allowing you to move with more efficiency and without creating bulky muscles. These two are also known to reduce stress and increase one's well-being and enhance the fitness of the body, the mind, and the spirit altogether.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The Natural Gift from the Bees – The Propolis

The word propolis derived from two Greek terms: "pro," which stand for "before," and "polis," which connote to "city." This prehistoric word turned up hundreds of years ago when a few primitive Greek students of Nature recognized the detail that honeybees utilize propolis to restrict the opening leading to their "cities," or hives, to deny entry to unwanted intruders.
Propolis is a gummy material emitted from the buds and bark of trees to safeguard the tree bud from the perils of environment like bacteria, fungi, and moulds. Bees watch over their hives from the similar types of dangers by gathering tree propolis. The bees mix up the tree propolis with equal quantity of their salivary secretions and use mixture "bee propolis" to cover the inner structure of their catacombs, making the inner part of the hive to be one of the most germ-free atmosphere that can be found in nature. For intruders/insects that have found their way inside hive are automatically covered with propolis which has a conserving effect, thus preventing bacteria or other contamination within the packed hive.

There are nineteen known substances of dissimilar chemical formations that comprise Propolis. These compounds also consist of several substances that fit in the flavonoid family including isovanillin and betulene. Propolis largely comes as an extract. It is then dried up and put up for sale as a distillate.
Bee Propolis is packed in vitamins like: Vitamin A (carotene), Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, biotin, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, a variety of bioflavonoid, iron, calcium, potassium, cobalt, albumin, zinc, and silica.
Propolis can increase our resistance to flu, colds, flu and other infections, but even if we don’t treat it until we turned out to be infected, propolis is capable to alleviate the most awful consequences of the infection, most especially defending the lungs.

It also has anti-inflammatory characteristics. This, merged with its therapeutic and resistant balancing effects, may make it clear why it is also doing well in improving arthritis and rheumatism in some people. These ailments are so complicated thus other medications may also be needed.
Propolis has a lot of natural healing properties; it helps with the renewal of the flesh, bone, and dental pulp. It has an endless remarkable record of benefits for skin ailments such as eczema.
This substance is also known as natural penicillin since it has been proven to combat bacterial strains that in time have turned resilient to man-made antibiotics. Propolis is a natural antibacterial, anti fungal, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiviral, and antibiotic.
Also, there are many more signs that it promotes healthy cell growth and are made known through the experience of some individuals who testify to have gain thicker hair and stronger nails following the treatment with propolis.
Meanwhile, Propolis don’t manifest any form of side effect and that fact has been true ever since it has been first used at least three thousand years ago. Furthermore, its health benefits were documented in ancient Egypt, Rome, and Greece. On the other hand, synthetic antibiotics bring a lot of side effects.
For continued use it is advised to try out with dosages with the 1.5 grams as a guide, this is so, as we don’t have the same needs at various times.

Thursday, 31 March 2011


Scars are marks on the skin that is caused by healed wounds such as burn, cut, or even surgery. Honestly, these scars are the most hated by people among all marks. This is maybe because of how it reminds us what caused it and it really appears annoying and quite scary.
There are different types of scars. They are as follows:
§ Acne scars – this is caused by severe acne which is also the cause of having shallow holes on the skin
§ Keloid scars – this is maybe the ugliest form of scar because it bulges up from the healed wound, and may look even uglier if the healed wound is just around the joint.
§ Chicken pox scars – these are caused by the infection of the skin for having chicken pox. Some scars may appear darker or lighter than the skin tone and some even last a lifetime.
§ Hypertrophic scars – these look like the keloid scars but don’t bulge up from the healed wound

Upon knowing the different types of scars, the real question is how an individual will make it appear lighter or unnoticeable to others in a non-surgical way – because knowing the fact that surgeries can cause scars.
Here are some examples to have a non-surgical removal of those annoying scars on your skin.
§ Laser treatment – this is one of the common ways to make scars unnoticeable. This method will flatten the bulged scars to make it even on your skin and it can also change its color to blend on your true skin tone. This treatment can be quite expensive but the people who went through this treatment recommend it because of the fast and flawless results.
§ Use of Ointments, Creams, and Lotions – these are the certainly the most used method by individuals. These products are often applied to the wounded skin to reduce the formation of scars while healing it. However, these products vary on their effects, so it is recommended to consult dermatologists first before using it.
§ Chemical peels – this is considered as the oldest method for skin maintenance because ancient Egyptians actually done it. Moving on, chemical peel or also known as facial peel is a treatment that removes dead skin cells of the outer layer of skin. It also a recommended treatment for irregular skin pigmentation, blemishes, and wrinkles.
§ Micropore tape – this is done by placing this paper-like tape over the wound for about six straight weeks to prevent the scar from forming. It also helps in preventing the wound from stretching.

We have to bear in mind that these non-surgical methods are one hundred percent safe to our skin. Whoever will try one of these treatments should be prepared for any side effects to occur. Allergies and skin irritations are the most common effects of these treatments particularly those products that contain chemicals that are not compatible with the user’s skin. So it is better to consult a dermatologist first before doing any of these.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Digital Camera

People have named the digital camera as the “future of cameras”. So in order for you not to be left behind with the advancement of technology in the world of photography, here are some of the common digital camera jargon and the corresponding meaning of it:

a. Pixels and Mega pixels – these are small discrete elements of an image. These are the basis of the camera resolutions – the greater the number of pixels indicated in the digital camera, the better quality pictures you can get. A megapixel is equivalent to one million pixels.
b. LCD or liquid crystal display – this refers to the screen of the digital camera. This allows you to view images before you take a shot.
c. Optical zoom – a digital camera is capable of bringing a section of the scene closer. Optical zoom can be as high as ten times.
d. Digital Zoom – the capability of a camera to bring a section of an image closer.
e. Scene Selection Modes – these are digital camera settings that control the photographic shots. These modes include “portrait”, “sports”, “night mode” and the likes.
f. Aperture F-shot – this pertains to the light absorbed by the lens. You can control the light by adjusting the f-shot. The greater the F-shot, the lesser light the lens will get from the surrounding of the image.
g. Memory cards – these are small chips that are removable from the camera. These chips store the images you have taken and can be retrieved through memory card readers.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Often the term PPI (Pixels per Inch) is confused with DPI (Dots per Inch). PPI is the measurement of the quality of a print. It is the number of pixels per inch in a photo. PPI To calculate a photo’s PPI, multiply the page length by it’s width in inches. Then divide the number of pixels of the sensor by this number. Then find the square root of the result.

For example, for a 5 megapixel camera:

page size 4 x 6

4 x 6= 24

5000000 / 24 = 208333.32

The square root of 208333.32 is 456.435

Therefore the PPI for 4 x 6 photo from a camera of 5 Megapixel is 456

page size 5 x 7 - 377 PPI

DPI - Dots Per Inch, is defined as the number of dots a printer can print per inch. DPI is not relative to the page size. DPI is a fixed number for a given printer. For example if a printer supports 1200 DPI it means that the printer can print 1200 dots per inch (on both X or Y axis). When printing it is important to make sure that the DPI is higher or equal to the number of pixels per inch in the source photo. If the DPI is lower the printer will not be able to fully display the high resolution photo. When the DPI is higher the printer will use multiple dots to represent one photo pixel.

If you plan to use your photos for enlargements then a rule of thumb is to be able to print at least 300DPI resolution. The following is a table for different print sizes and the needed mega pixels for such print quality:

page 4X6 2MP
page 5X7 3MP
page 8X10 7MP
page 11X14 14MP
page 16X20 28MP
page 20X30 54MP

Sunday, 20 March 2011


You may have probably already heard of pomegranate. For those familiar with Arabian nights stories, the pomegranate is an oft-mentioned fruit, having many seeds and some magical properties. In real life, pomegranates may very well have certain healing or medicinal properties that can be put to use when it comes to certain ailments and health conditions.
The pomegranate is said to have originated from Persia and has also been cultivated in regions such as Georgia, Armenia and the Mediterranean region. If you have ever seen a pomegranate, you will see that it is comprised of little red arils which encase the pomegranate seeds. These are found in the fruit along with the white membrane. Pomegranate juice is popular in the US and Canada. Before that, they have already been part of Middle Eastern and Indian cuisine as popular drinks. Pomegranates are also seasonal fruits.
One of the benefits of pomegranate juice is that they contain a good amount of Vitamin C. It is said that per 100 ml serving of pomegranate aril juice can provide as much as 16% of an adult’s daily vitamin C requirement. It is also cited as a good source of vitamin B5 (panthotenic acid), potassium, and antioxidant polyphenols. It is said that certain polyphenols in pomegranate may have properties that can serve as antioxidants although this has yet to be proven in the laboratory and in clinical studies.
Other health benefits that drinkers of pomegranate juice can get include reduction of heart disease risk factors, such as LDL oxidation, macrophage oxidative status and foam cell formation. Pomegranate juice may also have properties that can inhibit viral infections and may also serve to give antibacterial protection or effects against dental plaque.
Some sources also cite that drinking pomegranate juice can help reduce the likelihood of prostate cancer occurring or may prevent or delay the progress of recurring prostate cancer. This is said to be due to the presence of antioxidants in pomegranate juice that are said to anti-carcinogenic and some estrogen-like plant substances known as phytoestrogens. These antioxidants, in addition, are also easily absorbed by the body and are also said to be non-toxic.
One other health benefit of pomegranate juice is said to be that of blocking enzymes which cause osteoarthritis. Along with anti-inflammatory properties, pomegranate juice is also said to possess properties that may help decrease the deterioration of the human cartilage.
If you thing that pomegranate can only be consumed in juice form, then here’s another surprise: pomegranate in snack size bars are also already being marketed and sold. This has been developed, apparently, without the use of any preservatives and have been developed specifically for teens and kids. For those wishing to gain the health benefits of pomegranate, you may go ahead and check out more resources and you may also consult with your physician. Although pomegranate juice is said to be generally safe for consumption, you may want to check if it may have any adverse effect especially if you have other pre-existing conditions or are on medication.

Pre- and Pro-Biotic Products: Essential for Healthier and Happier Life

Life is precious and a good health can lead an excellent and longer life!! The new research has declared that pre-and pro-biotic is a quite inexpensive and easily available deterrent treatment for everyone. When you undergo a treatment in order to clean harmful toxins and bad bacteria from your body, you prefer ‘non-harmful bacteria treatment’. It is a process, where good bacteria are supplied in your body for smooth and effective maneuver of your body. Generally, pre-and pro-biotics are given for the pregnant mothers and toddlers. Basically our immune system is the root of any kind of physical problems. The chemical treatment also causes of many side-effects, hence in all such conditions, pre-and pro-biotic treatment may bring you relief and vigorous body.
The stage of pre-and pro-biotics may plummet making the suitable conditions for the effect of frosty bacteria. Some of the frosty bacteria may be harmful for our body and skin. You can avoid revelation to toxic substances to regulate the gut flora in a healthy efficient state. Additionally, the better results can be gained by taking pro-biotic food, which has living backgrounds of bifindo-bacteria including lactobacilli acidophilus. You can also take fresh Yogurt in your daily diet, which is a good source of pro-biotic. Remember this that the pro-biotic yogurt ingestion requires to be enough better than usual. Hence, you can take pro-biotics as additional to control the persistent bacteria growth at the stage of the soft membrane.
Just take a banana per day or have yogurt. It supplies your body with ‘necessary and good bacteria’, which your body requires in order to maintain health and strength. The good bacteria contribute a lot of for your body by eating up and cleaning away any kind of wreckages to control its flowing in your bloodstream. Taking regular juice is also a good way to maintain the stemma and dose of enzymes. The pre-and pro-biotics are great supplies for growth of good bacteria, which are needed for well functioning of your digestive system. They kill the bad bacteria and clean your bloodstream.
In treatment of pre-and pro-biotics, it is quite necessary to search and take natural products, since a lot more synthetic products are available in the market, which may suit to your body or even may not. They may cause some harmful effects to your body, which can start a chain of diseases. Therefore, research and knowledge of natural pre-and pro-biotics are helpful to you in each aspect. It not only protects your body from side-effects but also improves your health. Better way to go your family physician! Moreover, you can also search some natural products to get rid of any yeast infection without any hassle.
Many scientific studies and researches have approved that pre-and pro-biotics help out in restoring the lost ‘good bacteria’ in the cadaver, which show signs of anti-carcinogenic effects to fight against the diseases. You can take products as per needs of your body, which may bring you a quite healthy body, robust mind and longer life.
Biotics are good quality spring of ‘good bacteria’, which control growth of bad bacteria from your bloodstream for strong health. In treatment of pre-and pro-biotics, it is quite necessary to search and take natural products, since a lot more synthetic products are available in the market, which may suit to your body or even may not.

Why People Get Insomnia

Sleep used to be literally holy to people in the ancient times. Nowadays , who could better understand this belief than those people who have to suffer from wakefulness night after long night?
Sleeping disorders belong to the most common ailments that people complain to their doctors about. Sleep disturbances, specifically insomnia, is the feeling of inadequate sleep because of one or more reasons. Insomnia is classified into three categories. The first one is initial insomnia, which includes trouble falling asleep. Middle insomnia is when you have difficulties remaining asleep throughout the night, and terminal insomnia refers to waking up too early.
Symptoms of insomnia include a reduced energy level, disorientation, irritability, fatigue and even posture changes. People with this disorder are usually unable to carry out everyday tasks because they are too tired from lack of sleep. This, in turn, keeps them from performing properly and efficiently in their jobs and even at home.
If you are not sure whether or not you are an insomniac, go over this checklist. If you are experiencing one or more of the items below, then you should see your doctor to help find a way to resolve your sleeping problem:
l You have difficulties falling asleep or staying asleep and you have been experiencing this for at least a month now.
l Your lack of sleep negatively affects your social life, your job, and other important areas of functioning.
l The sleep disturbance is not directly linked to another mental disorder such as depression, anxiety disorders, or a parasomnia (sleepwalking, bed-wetting, etc.)
l Your being unable to sleep is not a result of taking substances such as medications, and does not result from drug abuse either.
One of the main causes of insomnia among adults is a stressful lifestyle. A taxing lifestyle is associated with inner tension and lack of phases of rest throughout the day. An insomniac usually just cannot let go of the events and problems that surround his or her waking hours. Another common reason for lack of sleep is emotional pressure that is triggered by conflicts in a person's relationship and in his or her workplace. Just the same, a person in this category cannot let go of issues affecting his or her daily life and therefore can't help but stay mentally alert and preoccupied when he or she should be sleeping instead.
The majority of sleeping disorder patients turn out to be having either physical or psychological problems that cause them to be unable to sleep at night. The list of physical illnesses is long, it could go from asthma to diabetes to hyperthyroidism to problems of blood circulation. The psychological disorder that results into insomnia, on the other hand, is most usually depression. In some cases though, sleeping disturbances can also to be a manifestation of a person's repressed and unprocessed fears and anxieties.
Once you feel that your lack of sleep is keeping you from functioning properly in your everyday tasks, go to your doctor and ask him about proper treatment of insomnia. Treatments don't always have to be medical, they can also be purely therapeutic (like talking to a psychiatrist), so consult an expert to see what options you have.