Sunday, 15 August 2010


Smoking and stress are somehow linked to each other. This is because when you ask every smoker why they smoke, one of their main reasons is to relieve their stress apart from boredom, anger and anxiety. It seems that they only give this kind of excuse for not quitting the habit.
Notice a stressed smoker when he is under pressure he smokes. When he feels like to be alone, he smokes. He puffs a cigarette when he is full enough with food. When he wants his brain to function fast, he always leans on his cigarette.
In short, smokers think that cigarette smoking is the best way to handle all their emotions. And when someone tries to make them stop from this habit, they tend to point out their excuse that smoking helps them to overcome almost everything in their lives. Sad isn’t it?
But how on earth can they say such things? Maybe with this following information, we can say that somehow they got a point.
§ If an individual feels he is pressured enough, he chooses to smoke in a room by himself. It helps them to find some time for them to think for a while
§ When he begins to light up a stick, he puffs smoke and breathe air with it just like the deep breathing that we all do when we want to calm down.
§ Smoking too can be stimulating. It is proven that when a large amount of nicotine reaches the brain of the smoker, it stimulates the brain to release relaxing chemicals. The said chemicals are also useful to fight anxiety and nervousness.

However, no matter what their excuses are, these are not the reasons why they cannot stop smoking. The real reason for it is addiction. It is because smokers think that their craving to puff a cigarette is fulfilled when they are under pressure and thus making them feel relaxed. That is the real cue for it.
Stress is not really hard to handle and smoking is not the only solution for it. There are so many ways on how to overcome it – ways that are healthier, easier and smoke-free. Consider the following tips:
§ Have yourself a relaxing massage. This is much better than the stimulating effects of nicotine. It will not only help you relax, but also it will help in improving your blood circulation of your body.
§ Deep Breathing. Everyone can do this without puffing a cigarette. Search for a place with fresh air and exercise your lungs with it.
§ Warm bath. Taking a warm bath will help your body to relax. It also helps in soothing those slightly aching muscles. A nice bath in a tub is much better. Try lighting up scented candles to calm your senses.
§ Music therapy. Soft music like instrumentals and mellow songs are also some effective ways to calm yourself down.
§ Exercise. This is not only good for your physical body but also for your emotional and mental health for it will divert you from your worries and keep your mind healthy.

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