Saturday, 10 April 2010

How many people suffer from GAD?

General Anxiety Disorder or GAD has become increasingly contagious in fact about 7 million adults in the US or approximately 3% of people age 18 years old and above have been diagnosed with this mental illness. The disorder usually affects adults who are 30 years old.
In the UK, several surveys show that about two million people are affected with General Anxiety Disorder and this follows depression closely. On the other side, the World Health Organization announced that only 50% of these cases have actually been diagnosed.
Awareness of this mental disorder, prompted people to ask what should be done for those who are affected with GAD. Dr. White, an expert in mental disorder, mentioned that they initially provide information regarding GAD for people who have this. He also noticed that the patient usually struggles with this disorder for several years. Furthermore, medical experts do not recommend the use of medication for the treatment of this disorder but cognitive behaviour therapy has been highly regarded as the solution to this dilemma.
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy which many doctors consider as the best way to treat GAD is about recalling and analysing the thoughts of the patient. People with GAD are encouraged to evaluate his or her thoughts and perceptions about the world. Doctors foster patients to resolve their problems and challenges head on. The goal of this therapy is to modify the way people think. Furthermore, problem solving training will work for the best interest of an affected person because this gives them more control of the situation.
Relaxation methods are also ways to alleviate the symptoms of chronic worrying and breathing control techniques achieve the same thing. To distract from worrying, other activities which promote relaxation are recommended. Despite these methods, only 50% of GAD victims were able to cure their condition, according to a research while the rest develop chronic anxiety.
There is no exact reason why GAD exists however several psychologist blame this due to an unstable childhood. This disorder is not something that people should learn to tolerate or ignore because this may cause other mental disorders such as depression. This condition is too complex for people to cure by themselves hence professional help is required.
For people who think that worrying has become a habit or a preoccupation or if they easily become to tensed over petty things and started experiencing symptoms of too much anxiety then they should seek the help of a medical professional or their doctors. The earlier that the disorder is diagnosed, the more chances there are of curing this condition and getting back on your feet again.
Excessive suffering due to an anxiety disorder is not normal and should not be tolerated.
If let untreated other complications may arise such as more mental illnesses including depression, regarding physical effects, victims of GAD often experience sweating and pain from the back of the head down to the shoulders and arms. Tolerating these inconveniences are out of the question, seek medical help as soon as possible.

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