Saturday, 10 April 2010

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)?

Many people admit that they are worriers. They say this as if suggesting that the world is divided into three: the fussy people, the virtuous and the majority who are pretty laid back. If it we weren’t feeling a little worried, we probably would not be able to meet a deadline, catch a bus or pass exams however, this constant worrying over something can get out of hand.
Anxiety can really get out of control. Just look at the people who are always worried about their health, job, money or anything that comes to mind, anxiety becomes all-consuming that it interferes with their daily lives and eventually cause a mental illness otherwise known as GAD or generalized anxiety disorder.
GAD is a mental disorder that Psychologist cannot exactly define because it is so similar with the ordinary anxiety however this condition is happening abnormally and completely takes over an affected person’s life.
One of the clinical psychologists at a Glasgow Health Center said that people diagnosed with GAD are anxious whether their illness is curable or not as well as how they will be able to pay for their loans. This sounds like an ordinary anxiety except that people with GAD are anxious about their worrying.
In addition, they think about why a lot of things are on their mind and why they have no power to put a stop to it. People who have GAD are aware of what is going on and how things got out of hand however they can not do anything about this. Those who are rich continue to worry a lot about their money while men and women who are in good health ceaselessly agonize over deadly diseases. When they stop and look closer at their condition, they are aware that what they are thinking make no sense at all but they just can’t stop worrying.
Apparently, these people who are chronic worriers may have GAD and are exhibiting
symptoms of this illness. Symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder include worrying too much, headaches, tightness and pain particularly in the back of the neck, heart palpitation, exhaustion.
Normal worrying should not bring about these kinds of symptoms but for those with General Anxiety Disorder, the worrying always brings some painful questions. Moreover, physical signs like pain running from the shoulders to the arms as well as numbness, which are very similar with a heart attack may trigger huge anxiety. Restlessness, nausea, irritability, profuse sweating are other symptoms associated with GAD.
There are doctors who were able to discover that GAD patients can work normally. This means for as long as they are busy with something, they will be able to do the job but once they get home or while watching TV, the constant worrying starts again and continues even when they recline in bed.
In a nutshell, patients with GAD are no different from most people except that they worry too much. The anxiety becomes all-embracing that their lives are already affected which is not good.

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