Monday, 1 March 2010

What You Need To Know About Tea

Tea has been becoming more and more popular over the last several years because of its elements that contribute not only to health, but also to weight loss. And as we know, losing weight is something a lot of Americans are preoccupied with. Now even more popular than exercising and other physical activities, herbal drinks, capsules, and whatnots are what most people turn to in order to shake off a few pounds. Here are some facts about tea that you should know especially if you drink it several times a day.
Green tea and black tea are derived from the leaves of the same plants. The only difference between these two is how the leaves are processed. Green tea is made by desiccating the leaves of the plant. Leaves for making black tea, on the other hand, are rolled and ground by a machine. Black tea gets its color and taste through the fermentation process.
Yes, tea can help those who want to lose weight; it comes with zero calories if you drink it without sugar and milk. But body fats are not reduced by tea, tea doesn't melt them down. Although the ingredients in tea boost fat reduction by influencing brain activity, a visible result in your body could only be achieved by drinking too much tea. Yes, there's such a thing as too much tea. A tea overkill would mean indigestion, a nutrition (aluminium and manganese to name a few) overdose, and caffeine intolerance.
Now to the flip side of the coin. Tea will do you more good than bad, if you drink it for the right reasons and in moderate quantities. Here are some of the reasons why you should be drinking tea:
A Japanese study shows that the more tea you drink, the longer you live. In fact, drinking five cups of tea a day decreases your risk of having a stroke and a heart attack by 31%. Again though, make sure that you don't experience any of the side effects mentioned above because that would mean that your body has had enough tea already.Tea is good against cancer. The antioxidants in tea (in black tea more than in green tea) absorb free radicals in the body which damage cell membranes, the DNA, etc. Furthermore, drinking tea is said to help against breast cancer, stomach cancer, and colon cancer, even after the cancer has already appeared in the body.It's actually healthier to drink tea than water. Aside from just replacing the fluids in your body like water does, the antioxidants in tea also help you fight a number of diseases.A cup of tea is good for the teeth because believe it or not, tea actually contains fluoride.A final note: most herbal teas out there aren't tea at all. They are not derived from the same plant as green and black tea and therefore do not have the same health-promoting properties as real tea, so beware of herbal tea brands in the market that claim to burn calories down.

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