Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Spinach is a green leafy plant that locally grows mostly in Asian lands. With its scientific name Spinacia oleracea, Spinach has been a source of food ever since the ancient times.
This flowering plant may look ordinary on the outside. While many individuals, kids in particular, are staying away to eat vegetables such as this, they have no idea what they were missing. Spinach is packed with more nutrients among other vegetables and even meats.
Whenever spinach is mentioned, the famous cartoon character Popeye is involved. We saw him how his muscles bulged up and became very strong everytime he eats a can of spinach. This may appear quite exaggerated, but Popeye only wanted to tell us one thing: Spinach is enough to make us strong.
Moving on, many will be surprised to know the nutritional content of just a hundred gram of this amazing plant. Below is the long list of nutrients that we can get from it:

1.Spinach contains a lot of Calcium that is enough to protect our bones and teeth from weakening.
This is a rich source of Vitamin A which is known to help our eyesight be as perfect as possible and for our bones as well.
2.Vitamin K – needed by our body to have a good digestion.
3.Vitamin C – this is an antioxidant to serve as a shield of our body from stress and sickness. 4.Other sources of this vitamin are the other green vegetables and fruits – but Spinach stands out among them.
5.Vitamin E – this nutrient is also largely found in spinach, which is the main ingredient of skin lotions, creams and shampoos.
6.Folic Acid – good for the fetal brain development
7.Folate – proven to lessen the risk of having broken arteries.
8.Lutein is very rich in Spinach that is very reliable in the prevention of cataracts.
10.Iron – a nutrient that is needed by our body to have a healthy blood. Spinach has more iron compare with ground hamburger.
11.Fiber – this helps our body to flush away the toxins produced by the food we eat to have a good digestion and prevent constipation.Just like a one package deal, Spinach almost has every nutrient that our body needs to perfectly healthy. Nutritionists and dieticians often recommend spinach and other green foods to prevent numerous harmful diseases that even cause deaths to people such as follows:
1.Prostate Cancer – spinach and other green foods have cartenoids that causes the cancer cells to self-destruct and prevent it to multiply.
2.Ovarian Cancer – studies had revealed that women who include spinach and other green leafy vegetables and fruits have lesser risk of having ovarian cancer
3.Diabetic Heart Disease – since spinach is very rich in vitamin C, and A, health experts recommend it to be included to our daily diet to prevent such disease.
4.Brain Malfunction – recent study shows that eating spinach protects our brain from declining its performance.Now, we now know that Popeye was right. Eating spinach may not make us lift the heaviest objects but it will definitely make our strong enough to prevent unwanted sickness.

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