Friday, 19 March 2010

Know about the Health Benefits from Neem Oil

Neem Oil with botanical name of Azadica indica has originated from India and has been in use for centuries, both cosmetically and medicinally. This makes it one of the ancient medicines that are still being used today. So to say, Neem Oil is rightly a product that has survived the test of time. It has a pungent odor, thick viscosity and dark in color.
Almost all the sections of the Neem tree have a use - the twigs, oil from nuts, and leaves. Neem trees are treasured all over India, and they are regarded as good luck.
Neem oil is antiparasitic, antiseptic, antiviral and antibacterial. And because of these characteristics, it is broadly set up in many toiletries such as skin and hair care products, soap, and toothpaste.
As a care for the body, Neem oil has many of the similar characteristics of the tea tree oil, but with no coarse terpene substance. Neem oil have exceptional high level contents of antioxidants, which help shelter the skin from free radicals brought about by environmental toxins, excessive exposure to sun, and other damaging rudiments. It is also rich in fatty acids that immerse in rapidly to relieve and nurture dry and itchy skin.
For outdoor usage, it is a beneficial botanical substitute to fertilizers, repellents, and chemical pesticides. Neem oil is also used as a plants spray and soil additive. The components in Neem oil have been shown to keep your garden and plants healthy, while enhancing crop yields.
Also, active components in Neem oil are conventional remedies for scalp and hair problems.
Furthermore, Neem oil have intense an odor. It has to be diluted with water appropriately prior to adding it to your products, and there are also times that it needs to be heated to achieve the right consistency. Listed are a few uses of Neem Oil:
· Can be use as hand soap; simply pour over to liquid soap for antibacterial effect.
· To treat Athlete’s foot, add small droplets to foot soak and foot powder.
· As cure for head lice and dandruff, mix with olive oil and then massage unto the scalp and hair. After one hour, rinse it out.
· In soaps—add neem oil and use base for the soap.
· To treat Acne-- combine a little amount into your facial cleanser and then apply to affected areas.
· As garden pesticide-combine with water and castille soap, then spray on to plague-ridden plants as necessary. The spray mixture will choke the insects, and other insects will stay away from it.
· As mosquito and bug repellent-Apply on skin together with lotion to put off bugs and mosquitoes.
Neem oil is supposed to be for external use only that is why precautionary measure should be utilized if it is to be taken internally. And because Neem Oil has extraordinary strength it is suggested that user must be well-informed about this oil before usage. Pregnant women as well as children are strongly discouraged from using this oil.
Continuous and prolong use of this oil has been associated with kidney and liver dysfunctions.Lastly, excessive dosage of Neem may possibly be hazardous and pose danger to health.

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