Monday, 29 March 2010

Enhancing the Intellectual Development of Your Child

It is not enough to raise your child just to comply with your obligation as a parent. As a concerned parent, you should be able to look for ways in order to enhance the growth of your child in all aspects. Sending your child to school is not the answer to your rising dilemma. Raising a child to become a well-rounded individual in the future must entail your dedication and open-mindedness as a parent.

You should be ready with all the possible responsibilities and obligations you have to face when raising a child. Enhancing the intellectual capabilities of your child might be easy to say and foresee. But in fact, parenting can be a very complex and difficult task to handle. There would be times that you’ll be on the verge of being fed up especially when you are fronted with stressing situations. In order to maximize the holistic development of your child, you must strive harder to look for suitable ways to stimulate your child’s mental or intellectual development.

In line with your child’s intellectual growth and progression, giving them proper education is not that sufficient. Education must start at home. Parents should be able to amplify means to rear their child and mold them into better individuals and citizens. The initial step would be encouraging them to perform as productive, respectful and sociable human beings. This aspect might be easy to say and understand, but the actual involvement of this approach might be very skeptical. More over, encouraging them with the above aspects can be a real hindrance if they are not executed well. Disciplinary actions for your children must be properly set. When we speak of discipline, it is not necessarily laying punishments or any act of violence against a mistake of your child. This strategy is not that healthy for a growing mind. If you wish to instill fear in them, they will most likely adopt your cruel means in the generations to come.

To further enhance the intellectual well-being of your child, learn to be affectionate to them. Ask them out and have frequent family discussions if possible. If you feel that your child is bothered with something, do not hesitate to ask him or her out. In such a way, he or she will find comfort and relief in your affection through your words and actions. He or she might as well gather much strength and confidence from you. On the other way around, if you established a fearsome relationship between you and you children, they will most likely keep secrets. This situation sets up a barrier between your communication and relationship the most. Do not just rely on what the school teaches your child. You should be able to have follow-ups or follow-through with his or her problems and needs. You should also help your child in coping up with the pressures of schooling. And above all, you should allot quality time with your children and create a harmonious learning environment for them.

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