Friday, 26 March 2010

Choosing the Right School for Your Child’s Intellectual Development

The task of choosing the right or more over the perfect school for your children is not that easy as it may look. This decision can be overshadowed by many contributing and necessary factors. As a responsible parent, you should keep in mind that you send your children to school to acquire quality and best education as possible. You should pour beyond extra efforts to find and assess a school that can give your child quality education.

Quality education is difficult to define. These words leave a heavy impact on the intellectual development of your child. Quality education should enable your child to become a well-rounded human being in the future. In choosing the right school for your children, the decision must not come from you alone. You should learn to consult other people and especially your own children. Ask your children about what they expect and like from the school.

First-time school children - usually toddlers are much reluctant about the idea of going to school. As a parent you should guide them and encourage them to enter school. Instill in them that school is fun. They will be able to meet new friends and do exciting activities. It is but normal for a toddler to feel afraid going to school. But it is a must that you mould them to be courageous and independent. In the first days of school, you can still guide and stay with them throughout the day. But as time will pass by, get them used to being left in school. You should constantly remind your children that they have their teachers in school. And just like mum and dad, the teachers will stay with them until the end of the school day. More over, your child’s classmates can distract him or her from the anxiety of being left alone.

In choosing the right school to achieve quality education of your child, you should be reminded of the following factors:

1. The Vision- Mission of the School
2. Teachers and Administrators
3. Teaching Approaches
4. Facilities
5. Security
6. The Policies
7. The Involvement of Parents


You should be able to research on the school’s vision-mission. It should aim to enhance not only the intellectual or academic capabilities of your child. The school should mould your children into well-rounded individuals.

You must be aware of the school’s image about its teachers and administration in general. They must be well-educated, respectable, and competent most of all.


The methods of teaching must entail activities for the further development of your child in all aspects.


The school should possess sufficient learning facilities for the education of your children. Computers and books should be well-supplemented to maximize the skills of school children.


You should also feel secured about sending your child to school. The policies of the school should take full responsibility on any security measures to ensure your children’s safety.


The organization of Parent-Teacher Associations must be well initiated and programs should take effect for the welfare of the students.

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