Sunday, 21 March 2010

The Blessings of Parenthood in a Child’s Intellectual Development

Parenting is a very crucial and compelling aspect when it comes to the intellectual development of a child. Parenting might be a daunting task to undertake for some. But as an open-minded and an optimistic parent, we should strive and struggle hard in order to raise our children with all our purest efforts. Parenting is indeed the most rewarding obligation. More so, it is edifying and more fruitful if we come to see our children successful and well-regarded individuals in the future. Parents who have positive outlooks in life and good and meaningful disciplinary actions for their children most likely will succeed in this endeavour. Parents who are not mature enough and have a limited understanding on the joys and undertakings of parenthood, the result would be raising children like them. There are several types of parenting approaches, which are proven to be effective and sometimes wrong depending on many situations. Though each of them may differ in concepts, they share one and common aim- to raise children into successful and well- rounded individuals in the future.

A growing child superficially concludes that when his or her parents punish him or her for a mistake, he is not loved. During those tender ages, we parents are responsible in making them understand that punishment is not hatred. Disciplining them is expressing your desire to make them respectful. Violence on the other hand must not be tolerated inside the house. As a parent it is your responsibility to show your children a harmonious environment to live in. The intellectual development of the child starts at home with his or her parents’ intimate guidance. Child rearing is not merely a parental obligation. It must be instilled in parents that nurturing a child develops a child’s moral acts in the future. If violence is often seen inside the house, the child will most likely adopt the scenario in his or her adult life. At a young age, he or she was not educated about violence being a harmful ingredient in the intellectual and emotional growth.

Parents must initiate proper guidance. Monitoring your children’s behaviour must be properly implied. Set necessary rules inside the house if possible. And as much as possible, do not spoil your children. Giving them all what they want establishes poor intellectual growth for children. By the time you come to disappoint them by not giving what they ask for, they learn to implant hatred in their hearts. This is a very unhealthy start for their intellectual development as well. As a parent, learn to balance your approval on them. Do not let them get used of being favoured all the time. There must also be times that you turn them down in a good sense. In time, they will be able to understand the purpose of not giving all what they want.

On the other hand, manipulating your children’s decisions is not beneficial in their intellectual development at all. Most likely, children who have been barred from making their own decisions will become rebellious. Dictating what you know is best for them suppresses their intellectual and deciding prowess. Just let them decide on their own. You will just have to check closer on them from time to time. If you find something wrong, talk to them in a nice and fruitful way of discussion.

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