Saturday, 26 December 2009

Aloe Vera-The Wonder Gel

Like any other plant Aloe Vera was already in used many decades past to provide cure for various conditions particularly constipation, skin irritations, wounds and burns. It is usually cultivated in most tropical and subtropical places such as Caribbean, South Africa and Latin America. Aloe belong to a group of plants that is most often prescribed medicinal plant for the period of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and it stayed on to be one of the most frequently applied herbs in the US, presently.
Aloe Vera or Aloe barbadensis is a recurring plant that contains big amount water inside its leaves. This plant can reach four feet in height. Aloe Vera is robust, plump and has thorns on the sides of the leaves which can expand to approximately thirty six inches in length. The translucent, bulky gel that originates in the middle portion of the leaf is usually applied to small burns and cuts.
This plant is consists of ninety nine percent water, also aloe gel have matters recognized as polysaccharides and glycoprotein. This Glycoprotein is responsible for the speedy curing process by means of ending the inflammation and pain, whereas polysaccharides promote skin repair and growth. These can also invigorate the immune system.
Uses of Aloe Vera:
Gel from aloe Vera is a typical household treatment for small burns and cuts in addition to sunburns. Commercial products such as cosmetics and skin creams and lotions often contain aloe gel. Likewise, Aloe has active compounds that can lessen inflammation and pain or promote skin repair and hair growth.
Initial study shows that aloe Vera gel may perhaps improve indications of genital herpes and some skin diseases like the psoriasis.
The yellow color, bitter fluid that comes from the skin surface of the aloe leaf called the aloe latex or aloe juice is an effective laxative. But, it may set off painful spasm that is why it is not recommended any more. Milder herbal laxatives derive from this similar plant group as aloe like senna and cascara are normally suggested first.
Pure aloe gel can be put on the skin for to heal minor skin irritations.
Using Aloe is easy, just cut the leaf of an aloe plant into two, lengthwise and then take out the gel from the inside. Gently cleanse affected part and then rub on the aloe gel generously to the skin surface. As a general rule, never apply aloe to open wounds.
Herbs have gained popularity due to its healing properties that are effective in treatments. However, some can bring about unavoidable side effects too. And can have adverse effects when complimented with other medications, supplements and herbs. Because of this, herbs must be use with special care, and possibly under the advice of a doctor.
Aloe gel is generally safe but in unusual cases, it may bring about an allergic reaction, primarily a rash on the skin. If you happen to get a rash, stop the application of gel immediately. Women carrying a child must not try aloe latex since it may instigate uterine contractions and bring about miscarriage.

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