Friday, 18 December 2009

20000 Steps a Day Using a Pedometer - Is It Just a Craze?

Walking is known to be one the best forms of exercise. This has been recognized to provide great benefits for the body to achieve stability, endurance and potency. People who have been into any forms of exercise proved that the more you walk, the more steps you take and the more miles you seize, the greater the amount of body stamina and staying power you gain. Just as when you thought walking is enough, the coming out of pedometers have proven that walking can be as efficient and purposeful with the use of this microelectronic device.
So, what is a pedometer? A Pedometer is a piece of equipment that allows a person to gauge the figures and numbers of steps being made while walking. So just imagine counting your steps manually without this gadget and you will surely be lost in tracking down the numbers of your steps. Thus, the pedometer makes expediency and functionality come together for a more accurate walking exercise.
How does the Pedometer work? The Pedometer works through a sensor run by a software attach to the apparatus. As you take a step forward and walk some more, the pedometer calculates your tread and every stride to provide you with an accurate ballpark figure. This has been proven effective since it is far better to figure the numbers of steps and the intensity of the entire workout than estimating the distance solely. Since people are of different stature, pedometers offer a precise measurement regardless of a person being tall or short.
What types of pedometer can you use? You can use whatever types of pedometer all dependent on your preference and the kind of lifestyle you lead. If you are an office worker wanting to get out of the typical deskbound activity, you can walk around and perform some exercise without anyone noticing by means of purchasing a premium pedometer. This type of gadget is kept inside the pocket to avoid discriminating eyes or prevent workload interruptions. Conversely, for those who make aerobics and jogging as a kind of lifestyle, a pedometer that measures both jogging strides and aerobic moves is suggested.
How many steps should a person take in a day? If you have a goal of getting into 20000 steps in a day or a total of 10 miles then you have to start doing the strides and make way for exercise resistance as you increase your numbers of steps on a daily basis. You can begin with 500 steps to a thousand on the next day, double digits on the third until you reached the goal of 20000 steps. It wouldn’t be impossible for you to achieve the figure of 20000 if you make it a habit to adhere to your walking regimen on a regular basis.
In a nutshell, walking using the pedometer has improved a lot of lifestyles and health in general as this device also acts as a motivating factor to pursue and work way beyond your limits. So, who says, you cannot go on 20000 steps? The faint-hearted died along the way yet, for the courageous man, this is just a new step towards good health.

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